in the afternoon i spent 3 yuan and 3 hours to modify my googlepage at to let it show my blog update with date but’s hack and maybe busy internet traffic (less likely) let the surfing a torment.and dog biting nearby.i felt more or less upset when i left.i didn’t expected so costly.then i went to renew my borrowed pc issues arrived and i tried to borrow 2 copies.i read newspaper in the newpaper room of qrrs.people of taiwan surely didn’t echo mainland’s media’s distorted reports,and they chose to support localized one favors the outdated dictator system of mainland of prc.when i returned to the dorm its near dark.i read a pc mag till dinner time bited heavily in the the canteen i was offered meat and full i registered my family members to to enjoy its bookmarks and clips sharing account at .i need more time to full explore it.
bye.i love u.kiss u with bear.

home movie of my baby in his first winter.

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