• 07:54 a full work load of monday. last night heard preach in local church again. the preach talk about traps, strange dr.. htxt.it/l/3h0RDv #
  • 07:54 a full work load of monday.: wp.me/p2Dmc-ht #
  • 08:09 benzrad blog full work load of monday. evil troubled me with men’s problem.: 26/1/2010dreamed lots of alumni of mi… bit.ly/7weqfl #
  • 09:11 [GReader Share]Google Voice Chrome Extension Makes Calling and SMS Even Easier [Updates] – goo.gl/f1qQ #
  • 09:14 [GReader Share]Top 10 Tools for Better Reading, Online and Off [Lifehacker Top 10] – goo.gl/t6ke #

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